Welcome Message;

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 9th EMEL Conference is planned to take place on the 20-21 January 2024 in Dubai. This event is yet another step towards consolidating the expertise and scientific achievements in the field of endometriosis and benign uterine disorders. In the current conditions of the Covid-19 epidemic, and while the world still fights to face this dangerous viral disease, it becomes more and more essential to find common ground between medical and scientific societies to present and debate data and facts. Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain are no different for the significance of this pathology, and the impact it still makes on the lives of millions of women worldwide.

The focus for the 9th EMEL Conference will be on Adenomyosis and pelvic pain. The differential diagnosis and basics of management of adenomyosis and pelvic pain is an evolving dilemma among gynecologists. During the event of the 9th EMEL conference, international and local experts on endometriosis will try to shed more light on these, and other issues of endometriosis and benign uterine disorders.

On behalf of the EMEL scientific committee, I welcome you to take part in the 9th EMEL conference in Dubai, both with the satellite workshops and the scientific program, taking place between the 20-21 January 2024.

Ghassan Lotfi

EMEL President